Spatiotempoal Distribution of Source Rupture Process for Turkey Earthquake (Ms=7.4)

November 12, 1999 Turkey Earthquake

Joint inversion was made using strong-ground-motion data (provided by DAD (ERD)) and teleseismic data (provided by IRIS-DMC)

The source process is characterized by an asymmetric bilateral rupture propagation and smooth dislocation motion.
(Y. Yagi and M. Kikuchi 1999)

Distribution of fault-slip

Rupture area (Map view)

Snap shot of moment release process

Waveform comparison 1, 2


Spatiotemporal Distribution of Source Rupture Process

September 20, 1999 ( Ms7.6) Taiwan Earthquake

September 30, 1999 (Ms7.5) Oaxaca Mexico Earthquake

October 16, 1999 (Mw7.1) Hector Mine, California Earthquake

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