Source Rupture Process of the Tottori-ken Seibu earthquake of Oct. 6, 2000

Joint inversion was made using strong-ground-motion data (provided by K-net and Kik-net (NIED)) and teleseismic data (provided by IRIS-DMC).

Rupture propagated upward and bilaterally. Main rupture started 2.5 sec after initial break and Major slip occurred in a depth range of 3 - 9 km and a fault length of about 20 km. This depth range is consistent with depth phase of teleseismic body wave.

The seismic moment Mo = 1.1e19 Nm (Mw 6.6)
the source duration T = 9 s
the maximum dislocation is about 3.4 m.
Fault mechanism: (Strike, Dip, Slip)=(150, 87, 1)
Hypocenter: (35.275 N 133.35 E, Depth 11. km) [Fix].

(Yagi and Kikuchi, 2000)

Distribution of fault-slip

Fig. 1 : Focal mechanism; Total moment-rate function; Distribution of coseismic slip. Star indicates the location of the initial break.

Snap shot of slip

Fig. 2 : Snapshots of the interval dislocation.

Station Distribution

Waveform comparison

Black: Observation, Red: Calculation
Velocity (0.05 - 0.5 Hz)

Black: Observation, Red: Calculation

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