Spatiotempoal Distribution of Source Rupture Process for the Mexico earthquake of September 30, 1999

Inversion was made using teleseismic data (provided by IRIS-DMC)

(We used Yoshida et al. (1996)'s method.)

The seismic moment Mo = 1.3 x 10**20 Nm; the source duration T = 14 s; the maximum dislocation is about 4 m. Fault mechanism: (Strike, Dip, Slip)=(103, 40, -99) [Fix]; Hypocenter: (16.1N, 96.7W, Depth 55 km) [Fix]. (Yagi and Kikuchi, 1999)

Distribution of fault-slip

Waveform comparison

Black: Observation, Red: Calculation


Spatiotemporal Distribution of Source Rupture Process

August 17, 1999 ( Ms7.4) Turkey Earthquake

September 20, 1999 ( Ms7.6) Taiwan Earthquake

October 16, 1999 (Mw7.1) Hector Mine, California Earthquake

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