If you’re trying to come up with the perfect present for a recently engaged pal, you’re probably stuck and we know why. You don’t want to offer anything too close to a registry item, and you don’t want to splurge on anything costly (after all, you have to buy a wedding present as well). With that in mind, we’ve compiled the perfect list of unique engagement gifts for BFF, ranging from witty joke gifts to heartfelt and sweet ones. These selections are appropriate for a variety of important events, including the holidays, their birthday, and even their engagement party.

Couple Mugs
These matching mugs will delight a pop culture fanatic couple. You don’t even need luxury engagement gifts to impress your best friend. They will probably love this simple but meaningful engagement gift. They’re a hilarious (and practical) engagement present for the best buddy.

Couple Mugs
Couple Mugs
Personalized Wine
Personalized wine is one of the unique personalized engagement gifts for your best friend.

Do they enjoy unwinding with a glass of wine? Make them feel unique by giving them a customized congrats label. Put your present in a beautiful wine tote to add a personal touch.

Wedding Planning Book
It’s never too early to start wedding planning, and this book is jam-packed with ideas, crafts, and more to assist the newly engaged couple.

Wedding Planning Book
Wedding Planning Book
The Bride Robe
Your closest buddy, of course, will want to get an early start on the “wedding” attire. Give her a silky, plush robe to wear on her wedding day and thereafter.

A Bottle of Buddy
Treat the happy couple to a celebratory toast with a bottle of Champagne or their favorite wine via a Minibar delivery, even if you can’t be there in person. Simply go to Minibar’s app or website, enter in the recipient’s address, and select what you’d want to send—it’ll be delivered to their door in under an hour.

Custom Gift Box
With a personalized gift box from That’s Darlin’, you can make it even more personal. They’re gorgeous, and they’d be ideal for rewarding your bestie! You may tailor it to the couple’s love story or gift her a bridal necessities pack.

Custom Gift Box
Custom Gift Box
Keep Sake Library
This thoughtful present allows the couple to savor each stage of the wedding preparation process. This present is ideal for the organized bride, as it may be used to save the final proof of their wedding invitations, a hairpiece, or even a dried boutonnière.

Engagement Photo Frame
This gift is ideal for the BFF who enjoys a touch of nostalgia. Select a lovely photo of the couple, place it in this personalized frame, and you’ve got yourself a cute gift for your recently engaged buddy. It’ll spruce up a desk, nightstand, or end table in no time.

Custom Photo Book
With a personalized picture book, you can’t go wrong. It’s both nostalgic and worthy of a coffee table. Choose a cover they’ll like and fill it with Instagram photos of you and your bestie celebrating their friendship.

Custom Photo Book
Custom Photo Book
Instant Camera
While everyone appreciates the convenience of digital cameras, there’s something extra exciting about instant printing in the days leading up to the wedding.







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