Data set of 3D P- and S-wave velocity structures beneath Japan

This data set is the 3D velocity model beneath Japan, which is described in Nakamura et al. (2008, Phys. Earth Plan et. Inter., 49-70). I distribute it for non-commercial purposes only. Please refer to Nakamura et al. (2008) to use it.

This data set includes the following files,

ReadMe ... this file.
discontinuity ... the depth information of discontinuities (the Conrad, the Moho, and the Pacific plate)
model.p ... the 3D P-wave velocity perturbation data
model.p.parm ... the parameter file of the 3D P-wave velocity data
model.s ... the 3D S-wave velocity perturbation data
model.s.parm ... the parameter file of the 3D S-wave velocity data
sample ... statically linked executable module (on Linux)
sample.c ... sample program to use this data set
standard.p ... JMA standard P-wave velocity structure
standard.s ... JMA standard S-wave velocity structure

compressed file (include all above files)

If you want to know the velocity values at 35.0N, 135.0E and 30.0 km depth, just execute "sample 35.0 135.0 30.0". Moreover, you can easily modify the last part of the main routine to get the velocity values at regular intervals.

We made the file "discontinuity" using Zhao et al. (1994,JGR, 22313-22329). There may be some copyright problems. T herefore, don't use the file for the another purpose (only use for calculating the velocity values).

Don't distribute any part of the package to anyone (it is available from the author and the web site http://wwweic.

Masaki Nakamura