Porting your prgorams from former system to current system


For full utilization the performance of current systems, we strongly recommend users to recompile the programs.

Compiler Options

  • Code Generation Options
former system
current system(eic、eich)
current system(eicp)
  • Deprecatred Compiler Options(v15.0)
    The options beginning with -o was changed with -q (except -o option which specifies the name or an output file).
    For example, optimization report options, enabling OpenMP directives oprions are changed as follows.
  • Optimization Report Options
--> -qopt-report[=n]
--> -qopt-report[=n] -qopt-report-phase=vec
--> -qopt-report[=n] -qopt-report-phase=par
--> -qopt-report[=n] -qopt-report-phase=openmp
  • OpenMP Option
--> -qopenmp

(*)Deprecated options are still supported in the current release (with warning messages), but are planned to be unsupported in future releases.

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